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so how does one make a tundra wasteland for a battlefield? there are probably multiple ways, but here is mine.

-a surface to turn into a battlefield ( I used the Realm of Battle set for mine you can also just use a plate of MDF or plain wood, whatever floats your boat)
-PVA glue
-brown paint(optional)
-grey paint (for rocky ridges etc)
-white spray paint (preferably from a Diy store)
-Modeling sand
-a newspaper

so what do you do first?
I start with applying a "basecoat" of brown across the boards, this honestly is not a necesity I think since it will be covered in sand soon, and then covered with white paint.

after the base coat, you paint all the rocky outcrops and other rocky details with grey paint I used Citadel Dawnstone for this myself.
when you are done with these two steps. it should look a bit like this.

note that if you dont want to crags and skulls you can fill it up with PVA glue, like I have done.

also this white stuff is from a previous experiment so please ignore it.

Step 2
put the plate down on a fully unfolded newspaper, with a bigger surface then the plate itself.
you can start covering the plate with PVA glue, preferably you thin the pva glue out a bit with water, you dont want the layer of glue to be to thick.
now to cover it with sand, I usually trow the sand on one edge and then pitch the plate in a slanted position to get an even covering of sand, wich will also get rid of the excess sand.
this is what mine looked like after this step.

colour can differ depending on what kind of sand and colour sand you use.

once the PVA glue has dried properly you can move the plate, to somewhere else, like a table.
put the original or a new container for the sand on the ground next to the newspaper, then grab 2 opposite ends of the newspaper and pour the left over sand in there.

step 3
now that the PVA glue has dried up you can start with the spraying, grab the spray can, and make sure you read the instructions properly. once the preparations of the can have been followed (most likely a lot of shaking) you can start spraying at your hearts content, dont forget that if you have rocky outcrops or other rocky bits, it will be best to spray a bit around them they should still get a bit of the white on them, but not enough to completely cover grey.

afterwards it should look something along these lines.

note you might need to do some touch ups on the rocky bits, after the spray treatment, and after the touch I advice going over it with a soft slight spray of white

I hope this will inspire some people.

· Thordis
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Cunning idea on filling with PVA; did you do it in layers or with a giant glob?
sorry for the late answer, I did not pay enough attention. I tried to do it with a giant blob but ended up having to do it in 2 layers because it sank in more then I thought, and it is honestly advicable to do it in layers due to faster drying.
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