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How should I arm my Inquisitor and Retinue?

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I just finished making my first 2000 point army outline (which I will up-date once I decide on my HQ but can currently be found here: http://www.heresy-online.net/viewtopic.php?t=2607 ) on the exception that I did not list my HQ (It was the only part I had troubble with.) So my question is what should I arm my Inquistor and Retinue with that is under 308 points? Because that is all I have left. However I am willing to work with my army if I need to. Also, if possible I would like to mount my Inquistor in a Chimera because my WH army is very mobile.
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I would say go as cheap as possible on your inquisitor. Based on your list, it seems your only spot is to take a HQ inquisitor, which is bad cause it means more points and you have to take a retinue of at least 3 as far as I remember. In this case, take the lord and 3 heavy bolter servators. Leave it at that, if you want maybe give the Lord a power weapon. Stick this unit in cover and just shoot away. Use the rest of the points for other stuff stated in your other thread.
I think he is using a witchhunters army in which case, no null rod or psycannon.
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