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How much is enough?

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In a standard 1500-2000 point game how much Anti Tank is enough? Or if its easier, How much is too little? I guess I would rather be on the heavy side dealing with Eldar/Tau Mech armies. I play BA and feel that I would have a hard time dealing with these list.

So how much should any army bring to the table?

How much do you normally bring?

Does anyone have a formula (points vs anit tank)? ie. for every 500 points bring X amount of Anti Tank. :biggrin:

I know the post is somewhat vague, but its nice hear peoples thoughst on this issue. Thanks
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I like to ridiculously overpower all of my squads as BA and I try to include at least 1 ultra heavy weapon per squad (assault squad plasma pistols, tactical lascannon e.t.c)
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