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How much is enough?

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In a standard 1500-2000 point game how much Anti Tank is enough? Or if its easier, How much is too little? I guess I would rather be on the heavy side dealing with Eldar/Tau Mech armies. I play BA and feel that I would have a hard time dealing with these list.

So how much should any army bring to the table?

How much do you normally bring?

Does anyone have a formula (points vs anit tank)? ie. for every 500 points bring X amount of Anti Tank. :biggrin:

I know the post is somewhat vague, but its nice hear peoples thoughst on this issue. Thanks
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It depends on many factors, with a tournament army in mind. One must consider that every point for anti-tank is one less for something else. It's fine to field nine lascannons, until you go against a hormagaunt or ork horde. It also depends on your type of weapons and their effectiveness, and how they are placed, are they mobile etc.

For marines, assault cannons and missile launchers are great, versatile weapons - but to specialize, melta and lascannons are better. Then you have to consider balancing those out with anti-infantry. It depends if units are dedicated tank killers or mixed units simply capable of taking out a tank. And it depends on your ballistic skill.

For my current tournament 1850 ultramarines, I take: 2 twin-linked lascannons, 4 missile launchers and 2 assault cannons. All the squads have a powerfist, the termies have 2 chainfists and the assault squad has meltabombs. (On the flip side, there's 5 heavy bolters, plasma guns and flamers along with many almighty bolters to help with infantry).

I'm not sure about a formula: I'd say for 1500-2000 points, having 6-8 units with versatile weapons (like missiles) or an equivalent 3-4 units with specialized anti-tank weapons (multi-meltas, las/ML dreads, etc) for BS4 armies like marines. For different BS and other armies, this formula would obviously have to be adjusted. That's just my guess.
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Anyone else have their loadout for a tournament force?
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