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How many weapons can a GC shoot?

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Fairly hot debate, especially recently.

Monstrous Creatures can fire 2.

Gargantuan creatures state: Follow all the rules for MC + more.

GCs also say 'can fire each of their weapons at separate targets'.

Forgeworld just released the KX139, that has like 7 weapons, and is a Gargantuan creature.

The Wraithknight can have up to 4 guns, depending on load out.

What would you guys say?
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yep it can fight all its weapons and can fire everything just just have to nominate all targets before u start firing
its nice to follow the marine's stupid op codex with a tau one
You do realize that this ruling has been an issue since Eldar with the Wraithknight?

There are quite a few people who say that 'Each Weapon' simply means 'two' like the MC, but each of the two can be fired separately.
^ so those people are happy to replace half the sentence and not the whole one? I mean I understand why the interpretation exists, but would GW really release models that come stock with more weapons than they are allowed to use?
The problem is that so far, the only Gargantuan that GW has released is the WK, and you could argue that while you're allowed to buy up to 2 guns, you'd only use all of them with the sword/board configuration.

I'm talking to people on other Eldar groups that are hot in debate on 'each'. Of course, the Tau people say it HAS to be every gun, because of the KX-139 and the new Stormsurge.
It's the exact same wording for super-heavy vehicles, except that super-heavies are counted as stationary and stationary vehicles get to fire all of their weapons. I totally get where the 'each refers to the aforementioned two' side is coming from but I think it's splitting hairs over GW's newest installment of 'power creep'. We might not have a precedent set for it with Gargantuan Creatures not yet having more than two weapons at a time (not sure about any potential FW precedents set, I know they like their big models) but I just can't see GW releasing a model that has five weapons stock but can only fire two per turn.

EDIT: As a disclaimer that I'm sure you're aware of (but maybe not the casual reader), I don't play either of these armies and don't actually care one way or the other. I just like talking about this stuff :drinks:
Most recent argument was 'GW would release a WK with 4 weapons so that you can choose between firing 2 multi-shot weapons (scatter lasers, starcannons, etc) or 2 1 shot guns that would be wasted on infantry and the like.'

I admit I can see both sides. It's just disappointing how ambiguous it's turning out.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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