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How many Support Weapons can I have in a Vaul's Wrath Support Battery in a Guardian Battlehost?

Ok so I sense this might be going over something already discussed at length and I've read two other threads relating to the Canoptek Spyder but I feel they are different arguments.

I'm taking a Craftworld Warhost which has a Guardian Battlehost. The formation RAW state that it must contain 1 "Farseer", 3 'units' of "Guardian Defenders", 1 "Vyper Squadron", 1 'unit' of "War Walkers", 1 "Vaul's Wrath Support Battery" and 0-1 "Warlock Conclave".

This, I take to mean, I can take literally 1 Farseer (datasheet only allows 1), 3 units of Guardian Defenders, 1 Vyper Squadron (datasheet says I can have 1-6 Vypers), 1 unit of War Walkers (datasheet says I can have 1-3 War Walkers) and 1 Vaul's Wrath Support Battery (datasheet says I can have 1-3 support weapons as part of one 'battery').

Word "Squadron" refers to a singular entity like a "team" or a "unit". Each of these can have multiple members. "units" is used before Guardian Defenders and War Walkers because the datasheet and unit name are a plural anyway. Farseer and Vaul's Wrath Support Battery are both singular entities anyway so do not require the 'unit'. Each of these may still contain multiple members. It's an English language question, not a rules question really.

Does anyone disagree with my assessment above? If so, can you provide a rule or FAQ that states otherwise?
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