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So, finally I have made my fourth tutorial - this one then based on how I painted (and to some part, built) my custom Plague Marines, the Templars of Despair. As you might know, they are based on Dark Angel veterans, as I thought the capes would fit pretty well with the other Word Bearers in the army. Now then:

1. I started with taking the DA body, and cutting and drilling it a little so that it would look more plague-like. After that, I glued the other parts onto it (also made plague-like). The plague knife was taken from the CSM-kit, I think.

2. Then, I sanded the base and sprayed it black.

3. As a start for the painting, I painted the armour with a 2:1:3:2 mix of Khorne Red, Dryad Bark, Rhinox Hide and Abaddon Black; the cape was painted with Stormvermin Fur, and some various iron parts (the knife, a few parts on the pistol, the broken aquilla and the armour lining mainly) was painted with a 1:1 of Boltgun Metal and Abaddon Black.

4. After that, I highlighted the black leftovers (such as the pistol) with a 2:1 of Abaddon Black and Codex Grey. After that, I washed the armour, the metal, and the black parts with Nuln Oil, and also washed the coat with Biel-Tan Green.

5. When that was dry, I layered the armour with a 1:2 mix of Khorne Red and Rhinox Hide, and highlighted the metal parts with Boltgun Metal. Also, I made an extreme highlight on the minor black parts, with a 1:2 blend of Abaddon Black and Codex Grey, and layered the cape with Stormvermin Fur.

6. After that, I painted an extreme highlight on the armour with Khorne Red, put some Agrax Earthshade dots on various parts of the armour and the cape, and painted rust (1:2:1 of Khorne Red, Macharius Solar Orange and Rhinox Hide) on the metal parts.

7. You're almost done! Now I painted the warband symbol, a burning sword, with Gretchin Green and then a 2:1 of Gretchin Green and Rakarth Flesh. The sword itself was painted just with Abaddon Black.

8. Now, I painted Dark Angels Green as a liquid coming out from the various holes I drilled earlier, I highlighted the cape once more, first with Stormvermin Fur and then with a 2:1 mix of Stormvermin Fur and Rakarth Flesh; I also highlighted the metal with Boltgun Metal. Finally, I painted the liquid with Gloss Varnish, and based it. Done!

(Sorry, last pic wasn't very good)
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