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Master of the forge has a really nasty weapon, i think you can put him on a bike as well...

The thunderfire cannon is gives you the best chance of disabling a Land raider in the game, 1/6 difficult terrain gotta love it.

If your talking the regular old TM, i use him sometimes problem is hes in the wrong space on your FOC. he just can stack up to a stern guard or termi squad. He can however become very useful in choice situations, like if you mount him on a bike... or take him to replace a Heavy weapons team, then fort his area terrain so its a 3+ cover save.

The big problem with him is that he is mostly lends himself to defensive play styles and armies like IG are so much better at it. To use him to his fullest you have to build your army around HIM, and that's just not something that most players are willing to do.

If you are going to use him take full advantage of what he can do, use his fortify cover to bolster a VP and put him on a bike so he can get to a disabled vehic to repair. IF your big into DP assault send him down with a tac squad and break him off support your dreads when they get a weapon destroyed. But again his spot on the FOC usually means your better off with something that can dish out dmg not slightly mitigate it.

hope that ramble was helpful.
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