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Hey Guys,

I Have been playing guards lately and even though we have a lot of firepower, on tables with great/lot of decor, my opponent can often hide his wraitknight long enough so that when it is time to charge, I did not had enough time to put enough wounds on him to kill it. I know we do not lack heavy weapons and stuff but I was wondering what was your preferred way to kill those things.

My opponent is a good player and he will always take great care not to even come close to Pask with is rending punisher. So i was starting to think that adding some militarum tempestus to my army could prove useful. Of course I can always wound him with my lascannons and stuff but it is also important not to ignore the other threats.

I was thinking about Tempestus scions because of their order that transforms all their gun with the sniper rule (wounding on 4's) but also because they can deepstrike.

With this order on their Ap3 guns, i could easily put three to 4 wounds on a wraithknight once they deepstrike not counting the command squad with three melta guns....Of course I would probably need an officer of the feelt and a comms relay to make sure both squads comes in at the same time.

These small squads of tempestus scions could prove very useful to wound the knight while my other stuff cripple the rest of his army. They might actually even kill it. Or at the very least cripple it so that I can finish the job once he's close.

What do you think? Any better idea?

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Ogryns are only T5, so the Wraithknight will be IDing them left and right before they even get to attack (unless it assaults them into cover).

AM have it tough, since they're basically only able to hurt the thing via shooting, and even with the weight of shooting they can bring to bear... it's hard to whittle your way through 6 T10 wounds. Especially if theyhave an Iyanden book and are healing it for a wound every turn. And/or it's charging in killing a unit every turn after the first. And...

Well, lascannons are best, but missile launchers aren't too much worse. Meltaguns en masse are pretty decent for getting wounds off it, too, and you don't have to get into melta range like you would against a, say, Knight.

Like people have said, allies could help. Grav-centurions, maybe. I've found force axes pretty good for taking out Wraithknights, provided you a) survive his attack and b) you roll that 6 to wound. But I have been lucky getting those 6s, and you can't rely on them by any means...
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