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How do you fill out your heavy support slots?

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Hey everyone last night i purchased 3 leman russ demolisher multi kits i want to know how i should build these, my first thought is:

LR Demo, LR Demo, LR Executioner

The army list will use those three tanks in addition to a manticore so i will have to take two of them in squads to fit everything in the list.

are plasma cannons worth it on the executioner?

which tanks are best in two squads? my first idea is demolishers because they will advance and can use the squad rules to that advantage. I want to protect that executioner because its so expensive!
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Go For a demolisher squadron, with lases. A squadron of these can blow anything to pieces.

Then try an executioner, with plasma spons. A perfect monster-elite killer. 5 plasma blasts is serious business.

Again, if you consider it expensive, go for a standard russ. It aint a demolisher but those 72 inches range make up for its lower strength. You can make a coversion on the punisher cannon, to make the russ cannon.

The other options simply aint worth it.
Vanquisher is really powerfull, but it has only 1 shot with BS 3. Not good!
Punisher is worthless without pask, but can you afford the points cost?
Eradicators etc aint bad, but demolisher does a far better job, in my opinion.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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