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How do you fill out your heavy support slots?

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Hey everyone last night i purchased 3 leman russ demolisher multi kits i want to know how i should build these, my first thought is:

LR Demo, LR Demo, LR Executioner

The army list will use those three tanks in addition to a manticore so i will have to take two of them in squads to fit everything in the list.

are plasma cannons worth it on the executioner?

which tanks are best in two squads? my first idea is demolishers because they will advance and can use the squad rules to that advantage. I want to protect that executioner because its so expensive!
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i have never seen a thunderers? what codex is that in?
possibly hull mounted lascannons to keep both weapons AP2. i plan on moving each turn so think sponsons would be wasteful.

thx for the document stella those tanks in that list are really sick
indeed, and far more balanced and playtested than anything you'll find in "Codex:space marine chapter number 25 that look like ultramarines but aren't"
lol good one. yeah so we should be able to use baneblades in regular games now?
gotcha, yeah sounds like i'll be sticking to the orginal plan for these 3. can't wait for them to come in did a ebay buy for $38.00 a tank NIB.
would two executioner tanks be too much points to squad? 36" range would give me the room i would need to keep space and could gain cover saves from 1 in cover. then make the final LR a demo, and fill the final slot in with the manticore.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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