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How do you fill out your heavy support slots?

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Hey everyone last night i purchased 3 leman russ demolisher multi kits i want to know how i should build these, my first thought is:

LR Demo, LR Demo, LR Executioner

The army list will use those three tanks in addition to a manticore so i will have to take two of them in squads to fit everything in the list.

are plasma cannons worth it on the executioner?

which tanks are best in two squads? my first idea is demolishers because they will advance and can use the squad rules to that advantage. I want to protect that executioner because its so expensive!
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tournies may not like it, but tournies can go shove there rules up there own fat asses
Thunderers are hands down better than Demolishers, and for that reason people will complain about you using them.
If people i played against would let me use that PDF, i think any lists of ~1000 points id run 3 Manticore Platforms.
Value for points on those things are epic.
Personally i would advise sticking to the Codex, unless you have enough models for an Apocalypse game.
While i agree with Stella that the IA rules are both fun and fair, you will still get the usual douchebags that will bitch and moan about you "cheating" with alternative rules.
Obvious thing to do is just not play against them, but i guess it depends on how many people are at your local club that are willing to play against IA rules.

I think magnets would be the obvious answer though. Building the models so that you can interchange different weapons from both the standard IG and the IA books.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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