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can't seem to get around these attacks. my friend uses a carnafex with twinlinked devorers and a flying hive tyrant with twinlinked devourers. so basically 12 hits from each because assault 12 hitting on 3+ with rerolls I think the least I've ever had to face is 10. and then strength 6 so against most infantry units hitting on a 2+. so usually having to save 14 times a turn so lose a unit every turn minimum.

I just make them total priority and this has worked using my forgefiend ( armed with hades AC and plasma head) plus my predator (AC and las sponsons) to try and take out Carnafex. which then leaves the flying tyrant alone and allows his swarmlord to move unharmed. i'm currently building and painting a heldrake which should turn the tide a bit but until then.

so just wondering how people deal with it if there is something that i'm missing or is that just it.

Cheers guys
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