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I try and use two Tac Squads with Drop Pods one with flamers the other with PLasma weapons both w/Vet Sgt and special CC Weapon. As for the LOS to protect your Assault Squad I try the refused flank option. Drop Pods land side by side on one flank and do there round of shooting. This creates a wall to protect your Assault squad from shooting as it moves up the same flank to get into CC range. This also creates a concentration of Force, part of the enemy maybe unable to deal with due to distance and LOS. The problem is timing, everything has to fall into place perfectly or it could cause some problems. But I would say pick the shootier flank of your enemy and land your pods there so your TAC Squads don't get run down by CC Troops. Second round charge the shooty units w/TAC Squads and keep the Assault Squads moving. Then you roll up the flank assaulting unit to unit with around 30-40 marines.

Or you could slap a Dread w/Heavy flamer in a Drop Pod! Heavy Flamer and AC combo is the Bane of Infantry in or out of Cover. That can draw a lot of fire and concern for your enemy causing him to ignore other units on the board to deal with the new very close and very real threat to his line. Hope this helps Good Luck.
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