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Well most MCs fit on the Large monster base, so as long as your monster fits on that you meet base requirements. Also, IMO a tervigon would be equal in height to a carnifex so whatever monster you make, it should be roughly around the height of the carnifex model. As long as your monster is proportional to creatures of its size class, and is put on the right base, there's really nothing anyone can say against you. You can have an MC as thin as a plank of wood, since its not realistic (realistic being a loose term when used to describe brooding aliens XD). Its really a matter of blocking LOS and gaining cover that determines a model. A small and thin model on an MC base isn't fair since it will get a cover save very often. A very tall model like the trygon almost always has LOS when if there are small enemies hiding behind a wall, there's a greater chance a carnifex sized MC wouldn't be able to see them.

As for the tyrannofex, the codex says they are massive beasts. I'd think they'd be on the trygon/valkrye base as a start. For their dimensions, well thats a bit more free, but I wouldn't think they'd be taller than a trygon. Width-wise, its up in the air, but it should be proportional to the height. Its a monster of bulk like the carnifex, not of length like the trygon.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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