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How do the Dark Angels explain what happened to Caliban and the Lion??

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Was just thinking earlier, i wonder how the Dark Angel explain what happened to the Lion and the Rock? I imagine Russ and others would have been rather curious as to how Caliban was destroyed and the Lion lost. We know the Dark Angels don't tell anyone about the Fallen or what happened. Looking for some serious answers but feel free to add more entertaining ones.

I've got an image of Russ, Guilliman and any other currently survivng primarchs turning up at the remains of the rock

Russ and co. - wtf happened here? wheres the lion?!
Dark Angel 1 looking at whats left of Caliban - fuck me! when the fuck did that happen? Did you see that happen
Dark Angel 2 -me? fuck no, you?
Dark Angel 3 -no way, shit, guess um it must have exploded or something........
Russ and co. - exploded........?
Dark Angel 1,2,3 - .........yes, because of.........Horus!
Russ and co. - Oh yes horus of course, yes that could make sense. um sorry for your loss
Dark Angel 1 - Thank you brothers, this is a hard time...
(dark angels in the background taking luther inside to his cell)
Russ and co. - Hey is that luther?
Dark Angel 2 - Who? luther? noooooo.
Russ and co. - There! right there shackled up and mumbling
Dark Angel 3 - Naaaaah that's um......
Dark Angel 2 - Bob!
Russ and co. - Bob?......
Dark Angel 1 - Yeaaaaah, you know bob! always joking about, no doubt pulled a prank on someone again!
Russ and co. Random marine - Oh the guy who replaced our Librarians staff with a magic wand??
Dark Angel 1 - .........yes!
Russ and co. - Hmmmm well ok then, good luck with the cleaning, and if Jonson does turn up tell him to return my calls
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Dorn- "ok, ok one moment Caliban is there the next it is gone...what in the name of a crack of a sparrows fart happened here"
Dorn - "I'm waiting!"
Reclusiarch "Well my lord its like this..Zhadriel said he could light his own farts and Luthor dared him and well......um you sw what happened"
Dorn - "Whaaaattt"
Dark Angel "yes my lord and then the lion walked in and well you know a Librarians fart can be quite toxic must have knocked him clean out the room with the stench...he said he went to get some fresh air but by fuck it lingered"
Dorn - "I don't believe you"
Reclusiach..."here try it" swish parp
Dorn "Oh god that stinks....TAKE COVER"
Dark Angel "Um how do we explain this to the Fists" Holds up Dorns hands all that is left of him
Reclusairch "Oh fuck....."
in all honesty and levity aside the Dark Angels are never going to let it be known that Dark Angels fired on Dark Angels and if Astelan is to be belieed the Primarch fired the first shot! so it would be a lot easier to blame the Heretics rather then stand up and say "We fucked up!" judging by the last two HH DA books the Lion was becoming more and more secretive himself so the question is was he - again to quote Astelan - waiting to see who won or was there another reason for his suddenly templar all secrets attitude...whatever the truth the Dark Angels are not about to go telling anyone anything and i don't think they are all that bothered about the Imperiums humans seeing as if they are backing and Imperial Guard unit up and a fallen appears "its right thats it we're off and screwwww you "
dude they dont hate each other at all, its more like a friendly rivalry because after lion and russ fought, russ had great respect for lion because that was the best fight russ ever had. Also why would russ care what happened to lion he's in the eye of terror right now so i think he has more pressing matters
It's possible the Inquisiton might have an inkling as to why the Dark Angels are so shut-in, but the 3ed dex stated that the Dark Angels actively hated the Inquisition and would never, ever work with them (this was actually a rule; Dark Angels couldn't take Inquisiton allies). So it's a safe bet that whatever scant info the Inquisition has is either vague at worst or intentionally misleading at best.

As for their brother chapters, I'm pretty sure the Dark Angels could give a lesser shit what the other marines might think of them, as long as they don't know their terrible little secret. Of the top of my head, there's less than 10 individuals who know everything about the Dark Angels, and all of them are Dark Angels or the Emperor. The other chapters see the Dark Angels as shifty and untrustworthy, and the Dark Angel's seem to be fine with this seperation. If all the chapters showed up at a party, the Dark Angels would be the guy in the back nursing a drink and looking bored as shit.

On the Space Wolves: Russ and Jonson were apparently very good friends. Their bromance started after the Lion became one of the only two living individuals who knocked Russ the fuck out. I'm sure there were traits in each of them that the other found distasteful, but both of them learned how to be human from the meanest, deadliest death worlds known to man and at their core they were both very primal and savage, and I think that's what they saw in each other.
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More Missing Primarchs

The more I read about the remaining good Primarchs the more bizarre it seems its starting to look more than a little suspicious, they seem to split into 2 groups - those that are in a coma and those that found pressing needs to be somewhere else.

It slowly dawns on oneself that the dissappeared into the eye excuse seems very heroic at first, but isnt that where all the other living primarchs are also, seems suspicious to me at least, what if these missing primarchs are sat happily quaffing ale with their old buddies the traitor primarchs laughing their ass off at the poor schmucks left behind.

Shock - "NO" you cry, our mighty heroes are blemishless and pure and perfect. The only ones that were ever "pure" are dead or comatose, the others were less whiter than white and decided to leave.
maybe they saw the shit storm coming and decided to get out of town quick...who knows
:) this is really funny! "Bob!"
anyway I think the DA are a little bit more serieus :)
Actually, I'm pretty sure Russ and who ever the current grandmaster of the Space Wolves know the secret of the Dark Angels, I can't remember where I read it though.
Space Wolves don't have grand masters, tmk, the only chapters that do are those descended from the DA and the GK chapter. And no, the Great Wolf doesn't know.
Well whomever is in control of the chapter then, I remember reading that the only people to know of the secret is the Dark Angels, the Emperor & The leader of the Space Wolves, I'm sure the Lion told Russ so I would think Azrael would let the current leader know?
How could the lion tell Russ that he was beaten into an coma? That would be one hell of a feat.
yeah im fairly certain none of the Space Wolves know, how would they? No one knows but them and the fallen, and the Emperor i suppose
yeah im fairly certain none of the Space Wolves know, how would they? No one knows but them and the fallen, and the Emperor i suppose
I'm just curious, everywhere it says that the emperor knows this secret but how the hell did he find out? I mean, wasn't he already on the Golden Toilet when all this went down? Or is it just assumed that he's so awesome that he sensed it form Terra even after he was already a crippled corpse hanging on by a thread?
I'm just curious, everywhere it says that the emperor knows this secret but how the hell did he find out?
I'm struggling to find any reference to anyone but the 'inner circle' being aware of any of the Dark Angel's secrets.
Emperor pretty much is an badass Santa; he knows everything.
That does make sense, Like I said I don't remember where I saw it
The Inner Circle is a large group. The entire 1st company is introduced to the truth including all company captains, librarians, chaplains, and the successor chapters are commanded by Inner Circle members as explained in the codex.
Only azreal knows about luther though.
I think the heads of the different offices know.
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