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How do I combat Necrons?

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After another humiliating defeat at the hands of yet another Necron army I find myself caught between two possible courses of action. The first, it to learn from my mistakes and field more units to combat Necrons. The second option however, is to just not fight Necrons ever again and eliminate the possibility of losing to them ever again.

My opponent was equipped with the following:

Necron Lord x 1
Immortals x 10
Necron Warriors x 10
Necron Warriors x 10
Annihilation Barge x 1
Canoptek Wraiths x 5
Scarabs x 4
Canoptek Spider x 1
Tomb Blades x 6
Destroyer Squad x 3

Whilst I was equipped with:

Company Master x 1
Librarian x 1
Tactical Squad x 10
Deathwing Knights x 5
Deathwing Terminators (Storm Bolters) x 5
Dreadnought with Lascannon
Devastator Squad with Plasma cannons x 5
Ravenwing Command Squad x 3
Ravenwing Attack Squad x 3

The game began with almost no cover due to no other tables being available, what little cover there was I positioned neutrally along with our objective markers. I got initiative and went first, I moved in order to position my troops in the best positions available to gain objectives whilst seeking what little cover was possible.

I lost the game spectacularly due to objectives being constantly contested and my Ravenwing never making it to the objective I sent them to. Secondly the casualty rate was catastrophic due to the fact that my troops were completely annihilated.



6 Necrons Warriors
1 Canoptek Wraith
1 Scarab (Later rebuild by the Canoptek Spider)

Dark Angels

3 Ravenwing Command
3 Ravenwing Attack Squadron
5 Devastator Squad
1 Dreadnought
5 Deathwing Terminators
4 Tactical Squad

My Ravenwing were gunned down before they could even make it to cover despite my opening salvo taking out the majority of the Necron Warriors. My Deathwing Knights never made it to the battle due to deep strike mishap and my Terminators suffered a mishap and were positioned in perfect range of the Immortals and Necron Warriors. My Tactical Squad were set upon by Canoptek Wraiths and I only held out due to my psyker gaining an invulnerable save on the Perils of the Warp table. My Devastator squad however were wiped out by the Destroyer Squad and my Dreadnought fell to scarabs.

It seems impossible to win against Necrons so I ask you all as experienced players. How the hell do I fight Necrons and stand any sort of chance of winning?
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Sounds like the plasmacannons should have taken their toll. And try to take larger squads, ravenwing. They should reach melee then.
My plasma cannons worked a treat, but the stupid reanimation of a 4+ and some took rerolls which Im not sure if its legit or not. One round two plasma shots killed 10 Warriors and they all got back up...

I'm still yet to win against Necrons with my Sisters and my Dark Eldar. I'm getting closer with my Sisters. I don't play Marines but the weapons of Sisters and Marines are pretty much identical. I'm having a bit more success adding in more Heavy Bolter and Heavy Flamers. Don't know if that helps you as Dark Angels though.
I do like the Sisters of Battle and really want an update to occur to the current edition so I can play them as a second and most likely primary army. I plan to add two Predators to my army, one with Autocannon/Heavy Bolter and one with three Lascannons to go vehicle hunting. I might add a sister allied detachment with a Cannoness and some Heavy Bolters/Heavy Flamers.

Killing the Tomb Spyder first will remove Reanimation Protocols from the Wraiths, taking them down from 'borderline broken' to 'very powerful'. Rad Grenades are also a big help against them.

I would say give me a few more games against them and I'll come up with something (having just completed 1500pts of Space Marines, who are similar to DA), but since the only Necron players I know have quit the army due to the new Codex, I don't think I'm going to get much experience against them.
He always hides his tomb spider out of sight of anything so I can't shoot it whilst his wraiths are out clawing my tactical squad and independent characters to mulch. Else I'd shoot it up to the point where it resembled cheese of the highest swiss calibre. His Wraiths reanimation protocols and the fact that his units aren't just powerful but stupidly cheap mean it's so difficult to fight Wraiths with what I currently have.
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Play him again and tell him to play by the rules! Good luck!
I'll have to double check everything he says and does in the future. Cheers!
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