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So thats the question really, I have going on 3000 points of Witch hunters, mainly sororitas troops/tanks but i have an inquisitor with land raider as well. As there arent really any data sheets for the Sororitas themselves i'm either forced to make my own up (i've got a few in the works i might post them here) or buy some more models to pad it out a bit.

Before you all go nuts and start screaming "get a baneblade!!" I dont want one. I know about 10 people who have them, and as it stands apocalypse games from now on will just be baneblade spam central. So rather than a rant about how i should be drowning in baneblades i was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how i could Apocalypse up my army?

(what next nids with baneblades?)

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If you're playing Witch Hunters and not pure Adepta Sororitas, get the Inquisitors in there with Assassins, Inquisitorial Storm Troopers, Priests, and all the nifty stuff that can only be taken when you do that. Then add troops. Lots and lots. Vehicles if you wish.

My own is a pure Battlesisters army that runs a bit over 8,000 points...including 5 squads of Seraphim, 13 of Battlesisters, and 4 Retributor squads. Mechanized.

I'll post the list for Apoc as soon as I figure out which place to put it in...40K lists or here in the Apoc section.

Sister Sin

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A good thread; I've been wondering the same thing.

With 3000pts, you have it already (stuff the organisational restrictions:grin:) especially with the mech nuns and a swarm of Seraphim, I think it could hold its own (mainly because of the 12 inch apart start-point & the ton of AoF). At the moderate level (3-4K pts) I think, providing you get 1st turn, and starting at close range, they are more than a match for any force.
They are a medium to close range force, a storm of flame/bolt/melta early on would cause a ton of hurt even to marines.
The problems would come if there is a sizeable reserve force waiting to counter, or a strong second line of C/C waiting.

I would love to try that out or hear about the attempt.

I have a little less size of a pure SoB, the ideas of the Inqisitor & LR plus the Assassin option is what I have been thinking as well; then allying with my Blood Angels.

Another expansion I've been contemplating is following the "Line-breaker" or IG Arty formation for Exorcists.

But the main choice would be Inducted Guard (and I don't want to go down that route).

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What I've done is make an inquisitorial list. (In my case Ordo Xenos but functionally it would work the same for any ordo).

Start off with an Inquisitor (I bring two: a Lord and an associate of his).
Add his retinue; acolytes, priests, warriors, familiars, the whole shebang.
Add a couple death-cult assassins and a Vindicare Assassin to the mix.

I bring in 20 or so Stormtroopers as a bodyguard unit (these are actually steel legion dudes in grays and blacks with red highlights).

Then I bring in the Inquisitor's small personal army:
(Chosen from the IG lists)
1 Armored Company: 10 Leman Russ Battle Tanks.
about 20 or so Imperial Guardsmen led by a Commisar.

Then I bring in the Deathwatch Kill Team.

So that's the inquisitorial Force for my Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Lord.

I usually use this as the heart of my Apocalypse force, and I support them with about 4000 points of Space Marines.

I've even brought in a Grey Knight Terminator hero, just because I have one.

Point here is...discard any limitations on what you "can bring" and just make something that sounds cool, with figs you like. If you can justify a cool reason for the force (as I've done above) then you can use it in game.

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if you're not planning to have a pure Adepta Sororitas army then i would add some IG ordinance seeing as it would help you alot in apocalypse battles especially seeing as none of the other human armies have that many or any options for ordinance. Except for maybe some orbital bombardment and a vindicator.

If you finish it, it would be nice to see the army list.

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For Apoc I have allied my WH with DH.
All the usual suspects - Canoness, Seraphim Squads, SoB's in Rhinos, PE's, and Celestians. the DH part consists of whatever I feel like using on the day, but generally GM, GKT's, Dreads.
I do have a Hellhammer, but will only use it in 5K and up. At 3K it would be pretty cheesy, and limit the model count way to much.

A nice bunch of IG Tanks would be lovely I reckon.

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how about getting some allied Grey Knights???
yes indeed.
Like I said in my other post, I put any or all of the following-
HQ: GM with a Retinue of GKT's.
TROOP: I wouldn't bother actually, because in Apoc I reckon you need fast movement, so static squads of GK wouldn't work as well...unless you gave them Psycannons and stuck them in a Building.
FAST ATTACK: this is where I would have a GK squad.

DS in all the GK/GKT Squads for some assaulty goodness.

I have a Hellhammer that I have written a Datasheet for, that has been a great help to my WH. Only used it a couple of times so far, but it is very killy.
It had better be as it cost 765 points.
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