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Some thoughts :

Primarch having a wife? I don't know how to say it but that's quite problematic, sexuality of Primarchs or even Astartes haven't been explored really but even then its kinda assumed that they are asexual.

Nilus actually drawed with Emperor, I find that hard to believe.

II was fighting chaos pre-heresy? But Imperium didn't knew about existence of Chaos except for Emperor, Malcador and other very few. Not even Primarchs knew about them.

An entire legion made up of blanks? But blanks are extremely extremely rare, it will be really really tough for them to maintain any sizable force if they only recruit blanks.

45,000 dead Space Wolves? That's just too many, SW are already considered one of the smallest legions, that sort of loss will be almost crippling. And seeing this sort of poor performance, I doubt they will be ever tasked to bring any other legion down (Magnus and thousand sons).

Ultramarines were never on Terra during the battle of Terra, so how can they fight under the guise of Ultramarines? And IF are basically loyalty incarnated in flesh, I doubt they will ever allow a legion labeled as traitor by Emperor himself to join their ranks.
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