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The Phantom Knights are basically Grey Knights and the Space Wolves are just regular space marines If there's anything.
Not much of a fan of the sons of Fenris are you? I don't think I have ever heard the Wolves described as just regular space marines before. :shok:

A few things you might consider-

As it was pointed out before blanks are very, very rare. They also have another downside - they are unconsciously distrusted, viewed with disgust, and avoided in any sort of social interaction by 'normal' humans. The stronger the untouchable, the stronger the feeling for normal humans that they just don't want to be around them to the point of actually being violent towards the blank to rid themselves of the blank's presence. Blanks, on the other hand, find it very hard to relate to the rest of humanity. They just cannot 'connect' with others. Blanks are basically described like they are that creepy guy at the party that just says the wrong thing at the wrong time and everyone avoids like the plague. I can only imagine what a primarch who was a blank would be viewed like, much like the Night Haunter I would imagine. Broken, dangerous, distrusted.

The explanation of this is that all living things are 'connected' to the warp and thus share a sense of connection to each other. A sixth sense so to say. Blanks not only completely lack this connection, the stronger ones actually cast a shadow in the warp around them. This innately causes that 'must be a serial killer' feeling when blanks are near other humans.

It seems that you want the Legion to be like the Grey Knights as well, but the key point to the Grey Knights is their psy-abilities allow the members of the squads to link together, to share their thoughts and power between each other and thus are stronger because of that link. A Legion of astartes that were blanks would not have this bond to draw upon in order to make them a Grey Knight like fighting force. The question of if blanks can even stand each other is one that I have not seen really touched on.
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