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I’m new to Warhammer 40k so I’m not too sure how much GW changes an army when they give them a new codex. I’m planning on playing Imperial Guard, but 1 thing I’ve been struggling to understand is why they struggle so much when compared to every other army out there. The infantry units aren’t the best at shooting and their weapons are pretty bad when compared to other armies base units, and unless you’re going Catachan, their melee is just as bad as their shooting. And on top of that, GW thought I was a great idea to hike their points up. I’ve been thinking about ways to help the Guard out with the shooting aspect and I’ve come up with a couple of things.
Idea #1: They give their weapons Rapid fire 2. The whole premise of guardsmen is that they shoot a lot, but it does them no good if only 2 shoots out of 36 actually go through, so I think giving them rapid fire 2 will at least give them a better chance at having more damage go through.
Idea #2: Give Guardsmen a reduction in their unit costs. I believe Guardsmen should have a lot more numbers of troops or tanks to make up for their lack of powerful weapons (on the guardsmen at least) so that way they can better hold objectives by having more bodies on them.
Bonus Idea: Allow Vox-castors to allow officers to issue orders to any squad from anywhere on the battlefield so long as that targeted squad has a Vox-Castor of their own. An additional 12 inches to voice of command when give orders to another squad with a Vox-Castor seems like chump change when compared to how Ad Mech has Data-Tethers that basically are better Vox-Castors. I don’t think that is asking for much.

These are just some of my grips with the way Imperial Guard plays right now. Are these changes asking for too much? And will these changes absolutely break the meta of the game and skyrocket Guard to God like proportions? I really love the Guard, but it’s hard to stay strong with them when I’m only killing 2 things after shooting 36 shots.
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