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Hi Bloggers AutarchAndrew here.This Article Is about how 40k has change since the release of Imperial Guard,Blood Angels and Space Wolves.More and more I see armies like space marines/space marine equivalents trying to imitate the play style of Imperial Guard.It seems over a years time that lists have gone from something like this.

2008 to summer 2009 Space Marine List:
Space Marine Hero-be it Shrike,Vulkan or Kantor
Ether Drop Pod Sternguard or Ironclads
Or Terminator Assault Squads
Tatical Squads Mounted In Rhinos
Fast Attack:
Speeders/bikes/or attack bike squadron
Heavy Support:
Vindicators or Predators

In The fall of 2009 to our current time The Space Marine list has changed A lot with the release of space wolves and blood angels marine player are attempting to imitate Imperial Guard Lists with razorback spam.

This years Space Marine List/Space Marine equivalent.
Librarian or Rune Priest x2 For Blood Angels Mephiston was amazing for a while but people are starting to not field him as much.
Or 1 Libi and an ally inquisitor with emperor's tarrot
Allied Inquisitor if he was not already taken as an HQ choice
Rifleman Dreadnoughts or Venerable Rifleman Dreadnoughts
For Space Wolves wolf guard squads mounted in razorbacks
Tatical Squads/Assault Squads/Grey Hunters Mounted in Razorbacks

Fast Attack:
Speeders/bikes/or attack bike squadron have become rare if ever seen.
Baal Preds for Blood Angels
Heavy Support:
Long Fangs For space wolves

In about a years time the game has changed completely.The Second Turn Game is now only used against drop pods or daemons now everything is first turn Alpha Strike.The turn 5 game/last turn objective rush has depleted in two a last resort,and the rise of the rise of the imperial guard leaf blower list has sent marine players into a razorback spam build and other races into hiding.

Has Imperial Guard effected the game this much and how do marine players and the other races try to compete better.I may have the solution,with the importance of first turn being a growing players should start looking in too units that can help them get first turn,seize the initiative or reroll/Help reserves.

For Space Marine Lists:A player could take Cato Sicirius he lets you reroll the seize the initiative or Chief Librarian Tigiruis.The Ability to reroll reserves is almost mandatory if you plan on playing the second turn game(is were you almost always take second and you reserve everything having all ways getting the first shot)

For Blood Angel Lists:Brother Corbulo is key his ability to re roll any dice is super important.It could help you get first turn or try to end the game quicker.This combined with emperors tarrot it an awesome combo.

For Space Wolves Lists:Bjorn the fell handed is key his ability to re roll your first turn roll is an extra edge that you just cant pass off.This combined with emperors tarrot it an awesome combo.

For Eldar:An Autarch in almost always mandatory the ability to add +1 on your reserve roll is great because the more alpha strike lists grow the more weaker armies like eldar become a reserve army.Cheap dire avenger units in minimum upgraded transports are also key.

For Other Races I suggest looking into Fritz 40k's Null Deployment Module :eek:k:
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