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this was the list I used to win a tourney at my FLGS and was wondering what you guys think I could've done better?

1. Fateweaver , Oracle of Tzeentch

2. Skulltaker, champion of Khorne

3. Herald of Tzeentch
w/ disc of Tzeentch, master of sorcery, wind of chaos and bolt of tzeentch

4.10 bloodletters
w/fury of khorne and Icon

5.10 horrors
w/ bolt of tzeentch, Icon and 'The Changling'

6.10 horrors
w/ bolt of change and icon

7.3 flamers of tzeentch

8. 3 blood crushers of Khorne
w/ fury of khorne and Icon

9.3 Bloodcrushers of Khorne
w/ fury of Khorne and Icon

10.10 flesh hounds of Khorne
w/ Fury of Khorne and Karanak

11. 3 screamers of Tzeentch
w/ Unholy might.

12. 7 seekers of slaanesh

13. soul grinder

14. soul grinder
w/ phlem

15. soul grinder

I was maybe thinking of dropping the hounds for bigger squads of crushers? (although to be honest, the hounds completely annhilated their way through about 60 eldar guardians! :laugh:)

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I would drop screamers. Yes they have meltabombs But only three attacks in total.
And they die easily and your opponent will kill them because they can be big threat to him.
I like the Fateweaver and his ability. Just keep the herald near and crushers front of him
and u have a group that can take out almost any kind of enemy type.Good solid list.

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I would agree to drop the screams and change the last soulgrinder to have phlegm. having three pies is always nice plus you have plenty of things to distract people from the grinders. other than that I do like the army. seems like a pretty fun list
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