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Ahem....from B&C:

The reason for such drought in the HH line is due to Betrayal of Calth that they want to build up for it but that did not turn out. But, the authors have been working and there would be huge influx. In Laurie Goulding's own words, "Be careful what you wish for."

From there, the authors said Pharos and Angels of Caliban will end the arc of Imperium Secundus and we will be back towards Terra. There will be a new arc known as Gauntlet that will lead to the end of Terra.

From Gav Thorpe

Angels of Caliban
- incorporating from what was going to be dreadwing. Waiting for the return of draft for rewrites
- Continues the story on Caliban and Imperium Secundus as well as Lion hunting Curze.

Follow up to Corax in HH

Age of Sigmar novel - "War Beast" finished - Storm cast eternal vs Chaos & Skaven

Writing Book 8 of the Beast Rises
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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