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Horus Heresy - Return to Prospero

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More info on future HH releases has come out of the Weekender, and it appears that while we are done with Calth, Prospero has yet to be finished.

Bell of Lost Souls said:
New stories from Black Library soon for Space Wolves.

Gav Thorpe is working on an audio called The 13th Wolf. Different side of Prospero Burns this time.

Chris Wraight working on book on Leman Russ and Space Wolves during the Heresy. Involving one or maybe more Primarchs. Including some he has not got on with……

Graham McNeill nearly done with Crimson King! Also working on more Magnus based stories.

Possible stories furthering the Thousand Sons that weren’t on Prospero.
I'm quite pleased by this as I have always felt the big battles, Calth, Signus, Prospero, Tallarn, etc; all deserve to have more focus on them than a single novel. Calth got an anthology, and now Prospero is getting a bunch of extra stories. Now we just need some Signus tales and for Tallarn to get a real novel.

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Do we really need more prospero? I'm all for SW novels, but the setting is a bit tired.

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Out of curiosity, other than Thousand Sons and Prospero Burns, which novels are you referring to?

As far as I have read, I have only really heard mentions of the battle in other novels, and I mean that in the briefest way...

Also, it's really more about the Thousand Sons than the Space Wolves... however they have a bit of both in each... I think the Thousand Sons were the main people.
It's been one of if not the primary setting of two novels and returned too in at least one more. For me, that's enough.

By SW novel I mean a novel either focused on the wolves or one in which they are heavily involved. Like the one mentioned in the main post...which is actually focused on the wolves, presumably... so a SW novel.

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