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Horus Heresy novels dependency graph

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Months ago I've started establishing a reading order graph of every HH publication from BL, in order to know all prerequisites to a story before I start reading it, hopefully without spoilers or missing context.

This graph can be found at http://yuml.me/130f1a96

The legend is on the top left, and the acronyms are for anthologies where you can find that story

I only caught up with the series a year ago (I read mostly hardbacks) and I've already had a lot of help to get this graph to its current state. But I still need your help :grin: to make it as comprehensive as can be. Every bit of (spoiler free) contribution is welcome

Do you know of any similar resources? I know of this timeline but I'm not after the exact chronological order of the books (so this doesn't count either)

Sammael El'Jacson
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Can you change the colors to something more distinct?
And can you put in the full name of short story collections? There are so many it's sometimes hard to remember from the abbrevations.

Very handy graph, thanks a lot.
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