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Horus Heresy novels dependency graph

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Months ago I've started establishing a reading order graph of every HH publication from BL, in order to know all prerequisites to a story before I start reading it, hopefully without spoilers or missing context.

This graph can be found at http://yuml.me/130f1a96

The legend is on the top left, and the acronyms are for anthologies where you can find that story

I only caught up with the series a year ago (I read mostly hardbacks) and I've already had a lot of help to get this graph to its current state. But I still need your help :grin: to make it as comprehensive as can be. Every bit of (spoiler free) contribution is welcome

Do you know of any similar resources? I know of this timeline but I'm not after the exact chronological order of the books (so this doesn't count either)

Sammael El'Jacson
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That could be useful.

I am woefully behind on reading the HH books though, so can't add anything.
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