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A host of new HH characters have been confirmed as a part of Horus Heresy: Inferno, and some of them are quite surprising.

Bell of Lost Souls said:
Endryd Harr: Loyalist world eater who ‘missed the memo’ about turning against the Emperor. Rather pissed. He’s a agent of the Emperor as the rest of his company have all died. He has an unique version of the Legiones Astartes rule, reflecting he wasn't part of the legion during their downfall. Praetor statline with archeotech pistol and power fist.

Autilon Skorr: The Alpha Legion event character appears here, with an additional rule: if the game runs ‘random length’ then he may choose to auto-pass the dice roll for turns 6&7, and gains FNP(3+) and fearless for those turns

Gahlan Surlak: World Eaters version of Fabius Bile, a lovely gent who’s basically gone “fuck it instead of helping the injured, i’m going to make the ‘nails’ even worse. He can ‘augment’ any Tactical squad, giving them +1 str and FNP (6+) but they also have -1BS and are no longer scoring (still denial). In addition those units don’t confer VP for being killed. He also has another rule for any unit he joins, in any assault phase the entire unit can have +1 attack, but at the end of the phase, each surviving model must roll a 2+ or be removed from play. Doesn’t effect minis with the ‘character’ rule. This last rule is also applied to all WE primus medicae and apothecaries.

Tybalt Marr 'The Either': Praetor grade character with special sword and a warlord trait that means any enemy unit deployed within 24″ of him (after scout and infiltrate) must take a pinning test at the start of the game.

Shadrak Meduson: Tough guy, praetor grade statline, and some special wargear. Counts as an Iron Hand, Raven Guard and Salamander for the purpose of which rites of war his army can take when part of a Shattered Legion army. His warlord traitor gives IH, RG and Sallies furious charge, hatred and crusader for a single turn of their choosing.

Cassian Dracos Reborn: Gets recovered from Isstvan V. Now living-ish machine god. all existing rules, but much lower side and back armour. Gains cybertheurgy and a unique rite which allows him to posses enemy automata and shoot with them if he wins a roll-off.

Narik Dreygur: Iron Warriors event character. May be used as a traitor in a IW army, or a loyalist in an army with CAssian Reborn or Xiaphas Jurr, as he survives an AL assassination attempt in this book and joins a Shattered Legion element taking his battle-automata with him.

Xiaphas Jurr: Salamanders Chaplain who is a also a level 1 Psyker.

Kheron Ophion of the Kyroptera: Night lords character who gets improvded FNP as he gets injured.
Some cool guys here. A loyalist World Eater with a grudge, a Dreadnouht Living Saint, an Iron Warrior traitor who defects to the Loyalist camp when his own side turns on him, and the infamous Shadrak Meduson. Looking forward to seeing these new models.


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Well, Captain Ophion is better than nobody, but they had to pick him from the Kyroptera? Not Alastor Rushal, Krukesh or Tovac Tor? Or Sheng? Eh, can't complain, nice to get anything (the Raptor Cult doesn't seem like the greatest thing since sliced bread on the table, but everyone wearing flayed skins and captured trophies plus Night Raptors all day erryday is cool as hell to make up for it).

However, there is one exception, some bonkers scorpion-bodied traitor Archmagos who is apparently the Dark Mechanicum's answer to a Primarch.

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