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Horus Heresy: Inferno - The Razing of Prospero

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Info about the coming Inferno has been released from Bell of Lost Souls, and it's some AWESOME stuff;

Bell of Lost Souls said:
Russ will get an axe and a sword.

Sisters of Silence will be a small allies list – not a “full force”.Space Wolves attack Arkhadia (Mechanicum world) – part of the campaigns in Inferno. This Mechanicum planet is targeted as he is associating with Magnus.

Custodians are their own elite force, not like Space Marines 2.0! The Emperor saved the Custodes the best toys so look forward to heavy master weaponry. It’s a highly lethal mobile force. They were designed to kill Space Marines if something goes wrong. 100% loyal to the Emperor, even beyond free will.

Playtest – 5 Custodians against 20 Tactical Marines, none of the Tacs were alive to fight back in combat!!! Not the full rules im sure – again, it’s still playtesting.
Rules will come for Spireguard, possibly not models though. Might be a variant to the Solar Auxilia models.Space Wolf Characters unconfirmed apart from Leman Russ, Freki and Geri.

Thousand Sons have a plan in their playstyle, not fully confirmed, still playtesting, be less of them, not usually in attritional warfare. Possibility of picking your option for Psyker-yness, that may improve equipment/weapons.

Tutilaries/Familiars will have above listing type (equipment/weapons).

Sisters of Silence almost like Assassins hunting down all psykers.

During Heresy there will be limitation on unit types (they did not have access to certain things around this time) for Space Wolves, as their way of war gives them limitation to certain things. BUT! Space Wolves will have their own bespoke consuls and unit types!

*Update More Seminar Info Added*

Possible stories furthering the Thousand Sons that weren’t on Prospero.

Space Wolves attack Arkhadia (Mechanicum world) – part of the campaigns in Inferno. This Mechanicum planet is targeted as he is associating with Magnus.

Arkhadine Mechanicum will have their own unique weapon and unit types, thanks to the help from Thousand Sons. This Cybernetica based Forgeworld will have its own Titan legion and it will have technology encouraged by the psychic aspects of the thousand sons. Which is why there will be multiple Titan Legion rules as there will be Legions sent to deal with them in Inferno.

Legio Mortis and a new type of Titan Legio (for Arcadia) but thats secret for now.
Custodians sound CRAAAAZY AWESOME! Sadly 100% loyalty even overriding free will means no Traitor Custodes.

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