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Ive been on the fence until this book. The leak alone decided for me. Ill hang onto my Orks and rebuild my Templars to their former glory thanks to FW giving a fuck. I feel the Ork release will be a cluster fuck of dataslates and an incomplete codex and Im not subjecting myself to that blatant money grab bullshit. 30K it is! PART OF THE SHIP PART OF THE CREW

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Awesome! Imperial Fists rock, one of my fav chapters, fortify and advance tactics are my favorite .
Anyone knows in when dark angels, ultramarines and battle for terra come out?? Or in what books?

While massacre and betrayal were great books they didnt have any of chapters that really interest me well except salamanders.

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I am interested in the NL characters though. I'm curious to see the stats for Curze.
They're already in Massacre. :scratchhead:

Are they doing a reference compendium now or are they changing things up?

I'm confused.

Edit:and having done research - there is a ltd ed one for £145 with all the individual charcter and unit rules. Then there is the plain one for £70 with just the rules for the Alpha's, Imperial fists, Iron Warriors and Raven Guard. So it makes sense now.

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Here's a lot more info about this book via Battle Bunnies:

Hi Guys/girls

As you can tell by our previous posts, today 4 of the bunnies went to the Forge World Openday and we got out hands on the third Horus Heresy Book, Extermination. Here is a brief overview of the 4 legions that are present in the book.

Overview of the Raven Guard

Raven Guard have some really nice hit and run tactical rules. The rules for Raven Guard allows the fleet special rule for infantry models which I believe is correct. The special units are very fast attack and have an array of special rules which suit nicely, such as a deep strike bonus.

The characters look good but I am not sold on the Moritat based character which was shown in the previews on the Forge World website after seeing the legion rules. Corax looks really good, a very good statted primarch with some good rules which include multiple attack variations and also a rule which makes some units have to only shoot snapshots.

There are more great rules for Corax and the other characters/units and I think they have done this legion quite well, although I was hoping to see some jetpack unit traits/bonuses or some more shrouded rules but I know they can't make all the legions overpowered! Very happy I am using this legion in the battles to come.

Overview of the Alpha Legion

Now this is the Legion I have been most looking forward to seeing. Wondering which rules are going to be implemented and also the rulings for Alpharius. And I have not been disappointed as some of the traits look awesome. This includes having an extra special rule from a list at the start of the game and also included in the rite of war allows taking a non alpha legion unit into their own fold (im speaking very loosely there as I don't want to give too much away regarding this and everything else for that matter). They are also allowed the banestrike bolter rounds (see betrayal in the sons of horus section).

The majority of the units and characters have some sort of infiltration bonus and have some equipment that helps them with getting to combat easier. One character is actually just listed as "the assassin" and he looks to be a very useful character as he has a nice wound calculation difference.

Alpharius is a great Primarch in my opinion. He has a great rule which I had been guessing may happen which, in basic terms, means he hides within a unit and pops out when you choose to (there is lots more to that which you will enjoy if you are keen on Alpha). He also has some great legion bonuses which also include bonuses to steal the initiative and a preferred enemy bonus.

Regarding the Alpha Legion I am very excited to use these. The rules are very complex (which is what I like) and Alpharius looks like a great Primarch to use. There isn't really anything that I dislike about this army, only that I'm not doing these guys now!!

Iron Warrior Overview

The legion has powerful grenade and Melta-bomb attacks. There is a great morale check rule against opponents fire which goes with their style of advancing forward.
They gain stubborn with Perturabo on the table. There is a rule which kind of goes against them with turn length options for the opponent, but if u play them well should not be an issue.
Warsmiths are an option and can be used to nerf one piece of terrain in the opponents deployment zone.
The Hail of fire rule encourages the use of Bolters in before they charge.
Tyrant Siege Terminators although expensive could be awesome. A squad full of Cyclone missile Packing Terminators would be pretty dangerous.
Iron Havocs could be great. Not sure what weapons I would equip them with but I reckon they could be a good unit.

Erasmus Golg is a beast, he also unlocks Legion Terminator squads as Troop Choices.
Warsmith Kyr Vhalen is a very interesting Character. He is a great defensive character and looks mean as hell. Funny thing is: He is a Loyalist!
Perturabo is very good when he gets Forgebreaker is his Mitts. But otherwise just uses his fists.
His wrist cannon is excellent and I never think he will miss with it.
Overall it is a quite average Legion unless you want to bring Perturabo and lots of heavy options. But very very fitting with their Legion persona.

Imperial Fists Overview

The legion is very powerful with all bolt type guns. They also have some very nice rules in relation to challenges.
They gain stubborn when claiming cover/fighting from fortifications and barricades. Their opponent are able to opt to play six full turns instead of the roll to end the game being made.

The Phalanx Warder Squad, which is a troop choice for the Imperial Fists, must be the two compulsory troop choices. Also, an army detachment can not have more Elites and Fast Attack choices total then they have Troop choices.

The Templar Brethren seem like a pretty standard unit, but they do have an option of tanking a Solarite power gauntlet which does look very tasty.

The Phalanx Warder Squad does look like a squad that will be used a lot (not just because you have to). They have a lot of weapon choices and have some very cool rules with their Shields.

Sigismund in my opinion is the best legionary, and rightfully so. Lots of really cool rules in close combat.

Alexis Polux seems like a pretty stander character, however very good for his points value.

Rogal Dorn is the cheapest primarch in this book, however I believe he is still as good as the others. He is pretty powerful in close combat as his weapon has the shred special rule. He also has the option of halving his attacks and increase the his strength by +2. He can awake Terminators as a troop choice.

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Found this here. These are apparently the Legiones Astartes (Imperial Fist) and their unique wargear.

Legiones Astartes - may always attempt to regroup
Disciplined Fire - may add +1 bs when using boltguns, bolt pistols, heavy bolters or quad heavy bolters. - heavy support squads with this rule gain tank hunters usr
Blood and Honour - characters MUST issue a challenge in combat if they are able. When fighting in said challenge, Imperial Fists may re-roll failed to-hit rolls

Unshakeable Defense - stubborn whilst in cover / fighting from fortifications and barricades
The Bitter End - controlling player may opt to play full 6 turns regardless instead having to roll

Legion Wargear -

Vigil-pattern Stormshield
3+ invulnerable save but may never claim an attack for two CC weapons - any legion terminator or terminator armour equipped character may exchange combi bolter for a shield

Solarite Power Gauntlet
independent character may replace a thunder hammer for one
solarite power gauntlet - str x2 ap 1 melee , master crafted , unweildy

Teleportation Transponder
terminator and terminator equipped command squads may deep strike ( points per model cost )

Prototype Iliastus-pattern Assault Cannon
range - 24” str 6 ap 4 heavy 4 rending , malfunction

[ malfunction - if 3 or more rolls to hit of 1 are rolled , it jams , and cannot be used for the rest of the game. models with the legiones astartes imperial fists or legiones astartes blood angels may replace heavy flamers in terminator squads with assault cannons ]
Whilst this looks cool and all, I think it takes the piss that (speaking as an Emperor's Children player) the IF get re-rolls to hit in challenges and EC don't. I mean, what is that about. We both have to issue challenges, but we gain nothing if we win, but if an IF loses, then nothing happens :ireful2:

Also found this

Rogal Dorn

WS 8 BS 5 S 6 T 6 W 6 I 5 A 4 LD 10 SV 2+

special rules
sire of the imperial fists
sundering blow
unshakeable defence

the auric armour
storms teeth
the voice of terra
teleport homer
frag grenades

Sire of the Imperial Fists
all imperial fist models may use his leadership rather than their own for leadership and pinning tests
both down and any imperial fists add + D3 to their assault result result to determine who wins an assault while his model is in play

Phalanx breacher squads may be chosen as troops for an imperial fists army with dorn as it’s warlord.

Sundering Blow
may halve attacks to increase strength by + 2 and gain instant death

Unshakeable Defense
may select upto 3 fortifications after deployment.
any cover saves of 1 and pinning tests taken by models in these fortifications may be re-rolled

Auric Armour
2+ /4+
no attack may wound dorn on better than a 3+ regardless of it’s strength or special rules ( this does not affect destroyer weapons )

Storm’s Teeth
range - str user ap 2 melee , shred, rampage , unwieldy

The Voice of Terra
range 24” str 5 ap 4 salvo 3/5 rending

dedicated transport
in games of 3000+ only
thunderhawk gunship with turbo laser , a single titan void shield , it will not die , and a 4+ invulnerable save against any missile attack - does not take up a lord of war choice)

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Loyalists get everything, even in 30k! :laugh:
Erm, no.

Decided to pop along after recieving the email about it, nice to see some. For those who've not had a look at the video, it contains the rules for Sigismund and Pollux as a teaser; it might not necessarily be true to print, but here you go;

Sigimund; WS7, 4 Wound 2+/4++, Eternal Warrior, I5 (6 on the charge), 4 S6 AP2 Attacks (5 on charge), rerolling failed charge/sweeping advances. If he kills the enemy Warlord in a challenge while he is the warlord, IF player gains a victory point, and all models in Sigismund's army gain +1 to CR scores for THE REST OF THE BATTLE. To help with that, though, while he MUST issue/accept the challenge, while in a Challenge, his attacks have Instant Death AND forces the opponent to reroll invulnerable saves. Anything short of a Primarch or other Legion Champion style character is pretty much instantly dead. He isn't just a stat up either; he actually influences army structure as well; Templar Brethren squads can be taken as troops, AND he provides an Initiative Bonus to his unit on the charge.

He also has IF traits, Adamantium Will, and Fearless. The notes in his ability requiring him to always issue/accept challenges suggest that IF rules are pretty much against challenges.

Pollux; Not sure if it's an editing error, but Pollux has BS4 and S5; maybe it's meant to be the other way around, maybe not, due to his "Hammer Blow" rule; basically, he gets to ignore unwieldly on his powerfist in return for reducing his attacks characteristics to '1' (although he still gets to benefit from bonuses to Attacks, such as charges, etc). His Fist is MC'd though, which makes it slightly more palatable, and with S10 on his fists attack. His ability comes in the ability to change how the army plays, making it more flexible; an Infantry Squad from the IF Legion gets the ability to Deep Strike (from Teleportation if it makes a difference), while he and his unit gets to choose whether to pass or fail their morale checks.

He isn't a massive game changer, but with access to a Vigil Pattern Storm Shield (something different, presumably from the Dragonscale Storm Shield available in the last book which was Salamanders only), and a Combi-Melta, he can be quite a decent "tank" in games that involve murder-hobo's like Sigismund.

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Sigimund; WS7, 4 Wound 2+/4++, Eternal Warrior, I5 (6 on the charge), 4 S6 AP2 Attacks (5 on charge), rerolling failed charge/sweeping advances. If he kills the enemy Warlord in a challenge while he is the warlord, IF player gains a victory point, and all models in Sigismund's army gain +1 to CR scores for THE REST OF THE BATTLE. To help with that, though, while he MUST issue/accept the challenge, while in a Challenge, his attacks have Instant Death AND forces the opponent to reroll invulnerable saves. Anything short of a Primarch or other Legion Champion style character is pretty much instantly dead.

There is nothing short of a Primarch that is going to stop this monster. He re-rolls to hit, forces re-rolls on invulnerable saves, has instant death on his attacks, and is the only HH character I know of to gain EW as standard. Fuck this guy.

As for Loyalists, getting everything, that's probably too much of a generalisation. However, I for one am still smarting over the fact that the Imperial Fists get re-rolls in challenges. I never got the impression that they were particularly challenge inclined. By comparison, Emperors Children get nothing if we win or to help us win, we just suffer if we lose, which for a Legion which is supposed to be good at one-on-one challenges, does smack a bit of favouritism. But I don't think it's fair to say that loyalists get everything, traitors have plenty of nice stuff too, I just am still annoyed about this one thing that effects my legion :p

Edit: The other thing that bugs me is that both Salamanders can and now Sigimund has/have eternal warrior, but Abaddon, Erebus, Kor Pheron, Eidolon, you know all the people who are still alive in 40k don't? Where is the logic there?

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I'd be interested to debate this point with you, please state why they do. I'll prove you incorrect. In the meanwhile, I'm off to pick the missus up from by all means though, feel free to defend your point.
There really was no point, simply trolling :). Also, Sigismund is AWESOME.
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