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Those who dont know him, he was the ex supreme patriarch of the colleges of magic in the empire until recently when he beaten in a duel against Balthasar Gelt. Was thinking of giving him a nice update for current edition.

Name: Thyrus Gorman
Points: 300
Type: infantry (unique)

4 3 3 3 4 3 3 1 8

Magic: Thyrus Gorman is a level 4 wizard

Mount: Thyrus may be mounted on a barded warhorse for +14 points, this will change his unit type to cavalry.

Special Rules:
Lore Master (Fire)

Master of Fire: Thyrus Gorman gains +D6 instead of +D3 when affected by the "Kindleflame" lore attribute.

Magic Items:

Gem of Fire: This gem grants Thyrus a 5+ Ward save which is increased to 2+ if the attack was flaming. Furthermore, the gem gives a every model in the same unit as Thyrus a 5+ ward save against Flaming attacks.

The burning blade: Hand Weapon. This sword grants the bearer +1 Strength and +1 Attack. All attacks made by the weapon count as magical and flaming.

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Looks fairly decent. I wouldn't be using Fire as an Empire user after getting Metal (versus Heavy Combat), Death (versus Hordes), Light (Undead/Daemons) or Life (general build), but with the ability to 2 Dice most normal spells and 3 dice boosted spells, that's a nice enough character.

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