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hmm changing gauss rule 2 rendering and having a -1 glancing hit against any vehicle, that means that a squad of warriors with assualt 2 weapons could quite easily destroy a leman russ from the front, land raider or even a monolith, that doesnt seem right 2 me. One weakness at the moment is the big cost of basic troops (while not much more cost than a sm or csm), with changing these rules they would become even more expensive or unballanced. I also think gauss flayer should stay rapid fire or up the points cost.

I also think it should be an unmodified (-2) glancing 4 at least over a specific armour value, with (-1) for lesser values maybe?

Other than those things i like what your trying 2 do, necrons are quite a bland army at the moment, and have lost a lot of their effectivness
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