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Psybolt Ammunition: A Storm Bolter, Hurricane Bolter, Heavy Bolter or Assault Cannon armed with Psybolt Ammunition gain +1 to their Strength value. If a model is equipped with Psybolt Ammunition, but it is not specified which weapon is loaded with the Psybolts, then all of the listed weapons on the model gain the bonus. Grey Knights can't operate as a midfield army if you strip them of Psybolt *and* Psycannons. Maybe a closer-range fighting style is what they were going for, but shooting is king, and I feel that Psybolt really helps GK feel more elite than their Space Marine counterparts. It's been given a per-model cost now; more for 10-man squads, but less for 5-man squads so you can reasonably bring it on Terminators now. No longer affects Autocannons - not fixing your Psyflemen, natch.

Melee Weapons:
Nemesis Force Halberd: Increase cost to 4pts. Replace with the following:
Range: User
AP: 3
Type: Melee, Force, Daemonbane, Reach
Reach: A model armed with a Nemesis Force Halberd has +1 Initiative. +1 Strength is irrelevant in an army with Hammerhand. I gave it a relevant bonus, and increased the cost since it's a pretty strong one to boot.

Nemesis Warding Stave: Decrease cost to 4pts. It's a Stave with a basically-irrelevant rule tacked on - nobody really brings Staves when they're free to swap your Force Sword/Axe out, so paying points for it is a bad idea.

Special Weapons
Psycannon - Reduce points cost to 10pts It's still a solid gun, don't get me wrong, but being Salvo is a huge limiter on it's effectiveness.

Terminator Special Weapons
Incinerator - Reduce points cost to 5pts You're wasting your Relentless, so it should be dirt-cheap.

Special Issue Wargear
Digital Weapons - Reduce points cost to 5pts In another army, that'd be too good, but this is GK where we have Str6 Force weapons out the wazoo - paying 10pts to re-roll those 1s on your 2 attack dude is absurd.

Add the following:
Servo-Skull: - 10pts. A unit containing at least one model with a Servo-Skull scatters D6" less when arriving via Deep Strike.

Relics of Titan
Bone Shard of Solor: Replace the last sentence with 'In addition, the bearer has the Hatred (Daemons) special rule.' Marginally less niche now.
Cuirass of Sacrifice: Increase points cost to 20pts.
Fury of Deimos: Reduce AP to 4. It's still not going to be brought over the other Relics, and it's basically worse than a Psilencer in almost every way you care, so blah. GK don't have the cheap HQs to take advantage of the cheap gun relics like other races.
The Soul Glaive: Increase points cost to 25pts I started off skeptical, but when I realised a Grand Master with this can basically kill any monster or, heaven forbid, unit of monsters (3-man Carnifex Brood and Swarmlord/Tyrant with Tyrant Guard being the main ones) on the charge, I decided it was really really good at it's job, so price bump.

Dreadnought Weapons
Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter: Reduce points cost to 0pts
Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer: Reduce points cost to 0pts Seriously, these things are not better than a Multi-Melta.

Twin-Linked Autocannon: Increase points cost to 10pts.
Twin-Linked Lascannon: Reduce points cost to 15pts Still a rum deal because you pay for range and to be worse at killing your ideal target, but I guess range has a value in this army of 24". Why you'd bring it over the Autocannon, I don't know.

Increase Grand Master's Wounds to 4.
Increase cost of Grand Master upgrade to 50pts With W4, he's a beast. 200pts is a lot, but again; he's a total beast.

Brother-Captain Stern
Change warlord trait?

Brotherhood Champion
Decrease points cost to 125pts He's a dude who's only good in challenges for 150pts. That's pricing straight from bizarro-world.
Remove Heroic Sacrifice.
Add the following Psychic Power:
Quicksilver: Warp Charge 2.
Protected by their blessed Aegis suits and their own indomitable spirit, the Grey Knights skim the surface of the warp in a microcosm of warp travel, allowing them to move faster than the eye can readily follow and strike a flurry of blows before the foe can even raise his guard.
This is a Blessing that affects the Psyker and his unit. While this power is in effect, the unit gains +1 Initiative and the Fleet special rule. In addition, if a model under the effect of Quicksilver directs his close combat attacks at a unit with a lower majority Initiative than his own Initiative value, he may re-roll failed To Hit rolls.

Castellan Crowe
Reduce points cost to 165pts.
Change warlord trait?
Master Swordsman: Add the following. 'In addition, Crowe's close combat attacks have the Rending special rule. Making him not-crap outside of challenges is good.

Increase points cost to 125pts.
Options: Replace with the following.
May be upgraded to Psyker (Level 3) for 25pts
May take items from the Terminator Special Weapons, Melee Weapons, Special Issue Wargear and/or Relics of Titan lists. Why does he get Combis when the rest of the Chapter doesn't? Silly.

Add the following psychic power:
Reconstruction: Warp Charge 1.
The Techmarine seamlessly blends the lore of Titan and Mars, healing wounded machines with expertly precise telekinetic bursts.

This is a Blessing that targets a friendly vehicle within 12". While the power is in effect, the Techmarine is treated as being in base-to-base contact with the vehicle for the purposes of the Blessing of the Omnissiah special rule.

Strike Squad
Options: Add the following:
Psybolt Ammunition: 3pts per model.

Terminator Squad
Options: Add the following:
Psybolt Ammunition: 3pts per model.

Purifier Squad
Add 'Deep Strike' to Special Rules
Options: Add the following:
Psybolt Ammunition: 3pts per model.

Paladin Squad
Increase Mastery Level to 2. Add 'Sanctuary' to the list of Psychic Powers known by the unit.
Reduce cost of Brotherhood Banner to 15pts Paladins are kind of stupidly expensive at 55pts each given the price break GKT (deservedly) got - given that Purifiers are upgraded Strikes and get ML2, I thought that would be a pretty neat theme to have for the elite of the elite. Sanctuary is awesome though, so that could be problematic.
Options: Add the following:
Psybolt Ammunition: 3pts per model.

Reduce cost to 120pts
Reduce cost of Twin-Linked Autocannon to 10pts
Reduce cost of Missile Launcher to 5pts I wasn't sure whether to give the Missile Launcher two shots, or make it cheaper - I think it might be a little *too* cheap now, but it's certainly not worth 10.
Options: Add the following:
Psybolt Ammunition: 10pts.

Reduce points cost to 50pts
Options: Add the following under 'May replace Heavy Bolter with one of the following:'
Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter with Psybolt Ammunition: 5pts
Twin-Linked Assault Cannon with Psybolt Ammunition: 30pts

Stormraven Gunship
Typhoon Missile Launcher: Reduce points cost to 5pts And even then you give up your Multi-Melta. I've never, ever seen anyone run a Stormraven with the Typhoon Launcher, because Jesus it's awful.
May take Psybolt Ammunition for 20pts Costs more for him because Hurricane Bolters are a thing, and it could potentially benefit all of your guns - Str6 Heavy Bolter, Psycannon turret and 2 Str5 Hurricane Bolters is nothing to be sniffed at.

Purgation Squad
Remove Night Vision. Add the following psychic power:
Astral Aim: Warp Charge 1. Mundane obstacles offer scant cover to the blessed fusillades of the Purgators, bullets and blasts making the most impossible shots with unerring accuracy.
This is a Blessing that targets the psyker's unit. While the power is in effect, all shooting attacks fired by the Purgators may be fired at targets out of the squad's Line of Sight.
Add 'Deep Strike' to special rules.
Increase points cost to 22pts per model Yep, they're pricier, but the price breaks in the weapons and th addition of Astral Aim and, far more importantly, Deep Strike, makes them a far more dangerous prospect.

Nemesis Dreadknight
Increase points cost to 145pts Just when you thought I was only giving out buffs.
Gatling Psilencer: Reduce points cost to 20pts It's obnoxious as hell the one time it actually works, but since it probably won't, it gets a price break. Why would you want it over the Heavy Incinerator anyway? Is your meta *that* saturated with Ogryns and Tyranid Warriors?.
Nemesis Daemonhammer: Increase points cost to 10pts Force and Concussive are worth more than 5pts, and the Greatsword is no way worth 5pts over the Hammer.

Land Raider
Options: Add the following:
Psybolt Ammunition: 5pts.

Land Raider Crusader
Options: Add the following:
Psybolt Ammunition: 20pts.

Land Raider Redeemer
Options: Add the following:
Psybolt Ammunition: 10pts.

Kaldor Draigo
Move to 'HQ'. It's a shame, because having the cool super-characters as Lords of War is an idea I quite like, but frankly GK don't have the cheap HQs to make it a viable prospect for them. If we had Inquisitors in HQ, then totally, but since the cheapest HQ is 125pts, you're looking at nearly 400pts in characters before you get any actual dudes.
Replace Warlord Trait with First to the Fray.

Warlord Trait Table:
1. First to the Fray: If placed in Deep Strike Reserve, the Warlord and his unit automatically arrive in your first turn and can re-roll the scatter dice when arriving by Deep Strike.
2. Hammer of Righteousness: The Warlord and his unit may re-roll To Hit rolls of 1 in close combat.
3. Unyielding Anvil: The Warlord has the Objective Secured special rule.
4. Shield of Blades: The Warlord and his unit have the Counter-Attack special rule.
5. Spear of Light: The Warlord has the Scout special rule.
6. Lore Master: The Warlord may know one more psychic power than is normal for his Psychic Mastery Level. This additional power must be generated from the Daemonology: Sanctic discipline.
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