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Hi Guys

Been lurking for a bit, so I thought it was time to introduce myself.

Real first name: Alan

Age and gender: 25 Male

Location: South Africa, Johannesburg

Occupation: Creative Head - Media Design

Why do I play? I play mainly for the fun of playing the game, a couple of beers, pizza and a warhammer table, now that's a proper bit of fun

How did you get into wargaming? I was browsing in a hobby shop, saw some Marines and thought they'd be awesome to paint... now I'm an addict

What armies do you play? Tau (Farsight Enclave), Salamanders and I've just started a Tyranid army

What is your favorite aspect of the game? The smack talk during the game, as well as going to a pub afterwards and discussing the game

What are the origins of your username? Well it's my surname, and 12 was just an easy number to use

What do you dislike about the hobby? When the only store that sells GW-models is out of stock

What is your favourite and least favourite army to play against? My fav are the Orks and least are Chaos

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Hello, and welcome to Heresy Online! I really hope you enjoy your time with us! I agree with you about the thing you dislike about the hobby, cause it really sucks!

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Welcome to the heresy and hope you find this place as fun as can be. Hopefully that store will resupply its stock of GW stuff so that you can build up your army.
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