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Hi folks!

My fiance Brushie joined today, and as soon as I heard about it, and how warm a welcome she got, I had to join up.

I've been into Warhammer 40k/Fantasy since I was about 12, and it's been a big influence on me creatively. Because of these universes and the hobby, I love to write, draw, even taught myself to sculpt (through a fair bit of trial and a lot of error; there are some green-stuff abominations lurking in my attic!)
through my love of these settings.

Though I've never been a massive gamer, I've always loved the hobby aspect and the fluff. I enjoy creating sweeping background stories for every force I collect (give me half a chance and I'll talk you to death about them heheh ^^ )

I've taken a long time out of the hobby, but got back into it via Warmachine/Hordes and Mantic's Deadzone catching my eye.
With Age of Sigmar being released, I saw it as good a time as any to jump back in.

As for me: I'm an artist by trade, currently working at an exotic pet shop (my other big passion; I love my wierd little zoo of scaly/gribbly babies!) to make ends meet.
I'm also hopelessly in love with Brushie, whom I currently live with, and currently enjoy writing in our longrunning 40k RP as well as just starting to teach her the tips and tricks of modelmaking.

I'm pretty new to RP, but enjoy it immensely and would love to do so more.

So yeah, looking forward to posting more, sorry for the ramblings. Catch you on the boards :D

Current armies/forces:

Necrons (desperately in need of a dust off and repaint.)

Dark Elves (Ditto for Age of Sigmar updatery, at least half to be donated as offering to Brushie's first forays into the hobby)



Super overstimulated excited future army ideas:

Space Marines (based on my original Chapter made in mine and Brushie's RP)

Fantasy/ AoS
Lizardmen and Stormcast allied force
Chaos force comprising only of 4 daemon princes (because clearly I hate having friends)

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Welcome aboard!

Beers are in the fridge over there. *points* :)

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Welcome to the boards :D!
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