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In reading the new Shield of Baal stories, the short story Wraithflight gives an excellent perspective on the Shadow in the Warp effect created by the Hive Mind... or in the case of the story, how the Eldar perceive it as a blinding light - go figure. Anyway, considering the effect the Necron-created Cadian Pylons have on the Warp, what do you think the effect would be on the Hive Mind's control of a Swarm? Would it enable the Hive Mind by eliminating outside Warp interference or would it severely dampen it's control?

Considering the Nids are now the Necron's #1 threat in the Milky Way, I'd expect them to pull out the stops and use whatever weapons/tech at their disposal.

Oh, if at all possible, avoid the Tempestus short story. I've read a lot of really poorly written sci-fi and usually been able to find something redeeming, but boy did this one take the cake. Whoever accepted that piece of crap at BL should be fired and forced to pay the royalty costs.
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