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So I was thumbing through my Daemonhunters Codex the other day and noticed that Torquemada Coteaz is, well, rather lacking. So, I thought I'd try my hand at a different sort of character.

Please, be gentle.

High Inquisitor Lord Malacadus

100 pts


Artificer Armor
Iron Halo
Vestaments of Office (Counts as a CCW)
Bolt Pistol
Universal Special Rules :
Independent Character

Unique Special Rules :
By the Direct Authority of the God-Emperor...
Wisdom of Ages
Supreme Will

By the Direct Authority of the God-Emperor...
As the High Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus, Malcadus is able to conscript entire companies of Space Marines with a single word. Malcadus removes all force organization restrictions for Daemonhunters armies when fielding Allied Space Marines or Inducted Imperial Guard, though compulsory slots must still be filled from the Daemonhunters units.

Wisdom of Ages
Malcadus is wise and learned, even by Inquisitorial standards. Malcadus counts as having 2 Sages, 2 Mystics, and a Familiar. These models may be represented but do not have any effect on line of sight, assaults, movement, etc.

Supreme Will
Malcadus is famous for his incredible willpower, even among a steel-minded organization such as the Ordo Malleus. Any unit within 6" of Malcadus may choose to pass of fail any morale or pinning check.

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That isnt too bad, I would deffinitly include he can still take a retinue, just for the sake of completeness, and I would say give him a Daemonhammer or some kind of better weapon, if he got to Lord Inquisator, he killed some scary shit on the way.
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