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Black guard with hag graef will murder any unit the HE can put on the table, crossbowmen will actually be jumping for joy when they see they are fighting elves (but so will HE archers... and while you have more shots the archers have longer range- get close fast then smash them) and DE magic is the nastiest in the entire world with the possible exception of chaos/daemon, so while HE might be good at dispel you can normally get enough through to cause havoc...

Basically, if you stay at range then the game should be won by DE, if you get close then the DE will need good tactics or well built units to beat most HE units... tyhe big advantage (??) of fighting HE is their ASF- it means that you dont need to worry about charging them since it wont change anything. This tends to make the combats much simpler to work out.
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