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Hi, I have a fairly big High Elf army for sale.

Here's the link for the Auction!:
High Elf Army | eBay

It is a combination of Painted, Part Painted, Primed and Unpainted models. Those models that are painted are mostly (Bar 2) are done to a moderate standard and can be placed on a gaming table without disgust! Altogether this lot comes to £300 (£296.50 if you're picky). This is what the army is comprised of:

Small Island of Blood Rulebook
Storm of Magic Rulebook
High Elf Army Book (Softback)
Magic Cards From Storm of Magic and Normal Game

Teclis (Primed White)
Mage on Foot (on floating rocks, but you get the point) (Painted)
Lord/Hero on Barded Steed (Painted)
Lord/Hero on Foot (Bad Paint-job= spilt Gloss varnish) (Painted)
15x Spearmen (Painted as Lorthern Sea Guard) (Painted)
15x Archers (Unpainted (Apart from one= bad Paint-job))(Models on display, with the rest of the parts on the sprue behind them)
5x Lorthern Sea Guard (addition to IoB unit) (Primed White)
5x Sword Masters of Hoeth (addition to IoB unit) (Primed White)
5x Ellyrian Reavers (addition to IoB unit) (Primed White)
10x White Lions (Part Built- Unpainted) (Models In Original Box)
Lion Chariot (Painted)
Bolt Thrower + 2 Crew (Painted)
Cockatrice (Primed White)

Island of Blood=
-Griffon (Converted from Prince Althran) (Part Painted)
-Mage (Primed White)
-10x Lorthern Sea Guard (Painted)
-5x Ellyrian Reavers (Banner Bearer and Musician Converted) (Primed White)
-10x Sword Masters of Hoeth (Primed White)

Happy Bidding! (all money goes towards my own computer)
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