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I'v been looking all over the place for advice on space marines and some of the forums Ive found here are really informative :) I'm from Brisbane Australia and have been collecting ultramarines for about 5 ish years on and off. me and my best friends have just gotten back into it all and I need to rethink my army lists and tactics a bit. I chose this name because i remember there was a character in the old starter pack called sergent Octavian whom i still own :). My favourite army has gotta be space marines because of all the little upgrades everything can have and how versatile space marines can be in general. my favourite battle memory was when i rolled 4 rends with an assault cannon against my friend's warlord - won me the battle xD. I also enjoy music and i play the drums, piano and bass.

thx for letting me be a part of this forum,
Great to meet you :)
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