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dark eldar wych army, thats unusual. In fact ive never seen one before in the flesh so to speak. Will be interesting to hear what you have to say on them. I like DE, i only wish the models weren't so poor.

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I decided to run Wyches as a 180 from the Necrons.

Since I've started running them, I have a 7 win 1 loss record and am finding out that they're a dang fast and mean army to run.

My first game with them was against a Deathguard player that had taken 2nd place with his army in a Seattle GT. The game was part of a campaign where he had 1500pts. on the table to my 1250.
By turn three, his lord and retinue had been eliminated along with the better part of his army and I had lost only half a squad of wyches.

My second game was against a shooty Emperor's Children army in the campaign with the same point spread, and it went pretty much the same way as the Deathguard matchup.

I've gone up against an Eldar army that was using the new codex and had eliminated the last Eldar from the table by turn 5.

In every game I've played them in, the Wyches have eliminated the enemy commander by turn 3 at the latest, even in games where the commander was back line.

The one loss I had was to a World Eater army, and with what I learned there, I feel pretty confident I'll smoke the Khorne player when next we meet.

For a bunch of nekked Elves, I have been finding out that they seem to be the best HtH army in the game! They are definatly worth a go if you are looking for a new army to run, and at tourneys, I think you'll shock the daylights out of people that havn't faced them.

I've done really well in Rogue Traders with Chaos marines and Necrons, taking a first and a couple of close seconds, but from my experience, I think Wyches can easily top both those armies.
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