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Hi Nordicus, Words of Truth, Lazy G and InkdDnA! Glad to know you all. Thanks for the warm welcome. I go to BL/GW events to mix with people of the same interest and post on the Heresy Online Facebook page. It suddenly struck me as odd that I wasn't a member of the actual forum here. : )

LazyG and Nordicus - if you're looking for a recommendation that's difficult since I'd recommend everything! (I'm biased, I admit...) You can check out the side bar on my website ( http://rob-sanders.blogspot.co.uk/ ). for my current range. Since that's not especially helpful advice, I'd say it depends what you are in the market for. If it's Space Marines / 40K I'd say Legion of the Damned is a good place to start. For Fantasy Archaon: Everchosen is just out this month. For Horus Heresy either The Serpent Beneath or The Iron Within go down well. Thanks for asking. : )

As for armies, InkdDnA, I have Black Templars and Orks in the cupboard, but they shamefully haven't seen table top action or a lick of paint in quite a while!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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