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these are a few of my marines from my chapter the black paladins they are a work in progress
and thanks to a few lessons from heresy getting a lot better leave comments of what you think
well ill get started
- How did you find us.
looking for green stuff conversions
- Your location.
- High School memories.
ummm lunch !
- Why did you choose that handle (name).
its short for cazeanova (caze - dont know sounds cool) ( nova - I drive a awesome 1994 Holden nova fx (its the GT version euro badge) i love it )
- How long have you been playing Games Workshop Systems and Wargames in general
about a year but spent most of it modelling my minis
- Best memory during a battle.
1St ever game my sniper scout squad with Sgt. tellion took out a squad of
grey knight termies sounds far-fetched I know but it happened
- Favourite army.
space marines duhh
- Regular gaming buddies also on the forums.
haven't played enough yet
- Basically anything of interest to give us a better understanding of who you are and what you’re about.
im me umm music metal-core mostly but ill listen to any thing,skater since i was 10 or 11 (IM 26 NOW) sad huh , rpg and strategy games on computer , improving and modelling my marines
- Why not include a picture?
ill do it when im ready

chapter master
View attachment 6569
chapter master
View attachment 6571
one of my Sergeants
View attachment 6572
honoured battle paladin
View attachment 6573
and terminator Chaplin
View attachment 6574

View attachment 6575
enjoy comment if you wish

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Hi and welcome to Heresy!

Those are some pretty decent looking minis you've got there. Is the robe/tabbard on your chapter master self sculpted? If so it's very nicely done!

Good work and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future, enjoy your stay!

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thanks even now im looking at it and finding fult and things i can improve but to hear it looks good as is i might not try to change it to my fult finding ways thanks thats really good to hear that on my first thread
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