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Well hrmm... where do I start...

I was browsing Warseer today, as is my usual; when someone kindly suggest I check out this forum as well, to broaden my horizons <@[email protected]> so I decided to do so. Seems like some people I already know are here too, which is good as well.

I'm still fairly new to 40k and Fantasy both - I have an army for Fantasy that just needs painted (Tzeentch Mortals); and I have half of a Blood Angels army for 40k as well...

However for 40k I'm going to be starting proper with Eldar after Christmas.

Right now I only have a single game of 40k under my belt; but I'm going to be visiting a store for the first time next month; so hopefully that won't last long!

Also, I have the tendency to write a lot of fluff for things <. .>; I mention this now because A) I love it when people give my stuff a look; but B) Just like GW itself... I tend to bend the rules on a regular basis <.<; So if you ever read some of my fluff, beware oddity <. .> it will be there.

Guess that's all really <@[email protected]> Oh, I suppose I should say where I'm at: I'm in central Illinois in the US, currently unemployed, but with luck that will be changing shortly.

<@[email protected]> Beyond that, "hi"; happy to be here, and hope this will be as much fun as I've been told <^_^>m
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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