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Well, new in town, thought it best to drop by, introduce myself and inform everyone that their souls are forfeit to my C'tan master as my awakening is a sign the events that will usher in a new age of darkness for all sentient life have been set in motion!

I'm also a Taurus, and i really enjoy long walks on the beach and extended periods of doing nothing but biding my time in wait for the inevitability of the foolhardy to stumble upon the remains of my ancient and great society only to mark themselves targets for our unholy and undying wrath.

I see you guys seem to have a really nice established community and i feel excited to have the opportunity to assimilate your cultural and technological uniqueness into... wait... er... scratch that, wrong universe.

I've been playing the Warhammer 40k tabletop wargame for a good solid six years and have more recently been experimenting with the RPG. At the moment i am devoting a lot of time to trying to learn as much of the lore as i can in order to better run my sessions.

Hopefully in the future i will feel a bit more creative with my posts, but for now, i just wave enthusiastically at my screen, knowing that as i type my energetic motions must be charging each character on the screen with the essence of my overt friendliness and ADHD.

You will all die horribly painful deaths as your bodies are flayed apart atom by atom against the backdrop of your suns setting upon the zenith of your respective civilizations!

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