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Hi from Australia

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Hi there. I've been lurking on HO for a while now and decided to join the discussion. After 15 years I returned to the hobby and started a new CSM army about 6 months ago. I now have a large collection of models a very little idea about what to do with them :unsure:

So I'm here to learn, and hopefully contribute to what looks like a pretty switched-on, active community.
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I don't have many pics at the moment; it takes me forever to paint these things to a standard I'm happy with. But here a couple of pics of models I have finished so far.

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Holy crap man. those look Solid. You shoulddefinetly think about throwing up a Plog Here. Its a good way to keep track of your work and accomplishments and for others to get inspired from your ideas and thoughts. It also lets us give you feedback which you can take with and do what you will.
Thanks a lot! Actually the plog's here are one of the reasons I decided to join, some of the work there is really amazing. I definitely want to get one up and running soon once I get all this plastic sorted out :)
Welcome to the boards man - I look forward to seeing your continued work and reading about your exploits.

I will echo what the others says: The minis look quite good from where I'm sitting. Are we talking World Eaters or Crimson Slaughter?

If you need anything, let us know and we will see if we can be of assistance :)
Thanks mate. They're Crimson Slaughter for sure! Big fan of your plog too, getting lots of ideas flicking through it.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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