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Hi my name is Johan/Josh a guy from sweden.

I love to paint miniatures in all forms and gaming systems :)

I've been playing warhammer 40k back and forth for many years. attending some tournaments in sweden from time to time.

My favorite army is my death guard marines(I will make a blog of them when my new reinforcements arrive!)

I like to play some fantasy as well but do not get the time that often.

Favorite army is ogre kingdoms and bretonnia(just got my hands on the grail reliquae! so hard to get those today, gonna be a blast to paint it!)

for the most time I just paint cool minis and all my work I have for commissions(working as a commission painter)
Trying to get more time for my own minis thou since I can go banas on those^^

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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