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Hi all

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Hi all, unfortunately I dont really paint anymore and its been a long time since I did, but the name is Dave and I am looking for inspiration as I have just bought a large space marine that I want to repaint. it was offered as a 10 year long service award to Games workshop staff and its about 8" tall. Lots of detail and currently in faux bronze. Its crying out for its true ultramarine colours and I just want to look around and take advice really. Im in no rush though, as I really just play online and read the books, so its a one off project really.

if anyone has had experience of paining the larger sized figures please let me know.

Here is what it looks like

thanks for reading


Dave (UK)
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Welcome to the Heresy my friend! I am officially colored green with envy that you have such a set of models in your possession!

Anyways, while I drool here on the keyboard I'd refer you to the tutorials section and check out the project logs as well. I am sure there are a few others who have painted such glorious figures.

So yeah. Welcome, Observe the rules and have fun!
Welcome to the heresy. You are lucky to have such a great model. I would also recommend you head to the modeling & painting section, the tutorials section and project logs. There are lots of good painters that have left a ton of good advice in the those sections.
Magnificent model. I can understand you wanting to do it justice. There are plenty of guys here who would be able to assist you. Unfortunately I am not one of them as my painting is mediocre at best.
Welcome to heresy.
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