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Hi, found this site while doing a google search for the 85th Regiment of the imperial guard.

I until recently had never played warhammer before, but I was enticed into the world by the DOW II PC game, I enjoyed the game and was aware of the tabletop game so I undertook the epic task of trying to convince the other half that she would enjoy painting and playing if only she would try...:biggrin:

Anyway long story short becasue nobody wants to see a man beg right? She decided to give it a go, I purchased Black Reach box set and a load of paint and pushed forward. I loved playing the game, although my significant other didn't embrase the painting she also enjoyed the game..

So here I am, I am looking to join a club in my area at some point, but for now am reading heavily about Imperial Guard as they will be my main army.

I have codex and a huge list of questions which I will bombard you with over time..

But for now Hi all and good job on this impressive site.

Oh BTW the 85th regiment fought along side the Ravens in most of the campaigns in video game, so I assumed they would have gameworld history. Not much on google though, any thoughts ?

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Hello Silence and welcome to Heresy!

Great to see you're supporting already! :)

I'm not great with the IG so I'll leave it for somebody more experienced in this area to answer your question but welcome to the site anyway and I hope you enjoy your stay.
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