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Hey guys and girls!

My next investment in my growing Word Bearers army will most likely be 3 Contemptors, so I can make a talon. The arms will be magnetized, so I can switch out weapons - However, I am finding myself in doubt of what loadout I should start out with on the 3 Contemptors.

On one hand, I am thinking dual Kheres Assault cannons, and havoc launcher as that seems to be a popular combo. However, Graviton weapons have haywire, so maybe a CCW with inbuilt Graviton gun?

The plan is, going forward, that I will buy weapons, so i can also use them as Mortis versions - But the initial investment will be as a regular contemptor. The question is, what is peoples best experiences with their Contemptors in 30k? Do you build a pure shooting Contemptor, a melee based or a hybrid - And why?

Thanks for your thoughts in advance! :good:

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For a solo contemptor I'd go kheres and ccw, its pretty much an all rounder and you'll get to learn how to use it, for a talon you'd have to make up your mind on what role you want it to play, for anti armour I'd have 2 with a multi melta and ccw and 1 as a mortis, these dreads are tough and scary get in close use cover and melt and rip armour.
For anti troop light armour I'd go for 2 with kheres and ccw and 1 with 2 kheres, lots of rending dice and some ccw if somebody tries to bog you down.

Note: Im a 40k dabbler so that is just my limited advice
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